Romeo Fields

Romeo Fields did not have the privilege of attending the formalized education system from 1st grade through 8th grade because of segregation. Romeo attended Borree Corner School, which was an integral part of the Black community. After the US Supreme Court struck down Segregation in Brown vs. Board of Education, Romeo and others attended Coolidge High School. During this time Romeo encouraged everyone to keep their eye on the prize and work to obtain an education.

In 1970 Romeo began working for the Coolidge Unified School District as a bus driver and retired in 1995. After two years of retirement, he returned and retired a second time in 2012. Romeo worked a total of 34 years for the Coolidge Unified School District and every day was enjoyable. Although, he has retired from formal work, he continues to work within the community and that retirement date has yet to be determined. In addition to working at the school Romeo was a cotton farmer for 20 years.

One of Romeo’s favorite things to do is support the children at ALL athletic events. During the day you can find him watching the kids practice and most assuredly you will find him at every home game as well as the games played in other towns. He’s there to support them when they win and provide words of encouragement when the outcome isn’t so favorable.

After leaving school Romeo will say that there are many things that he has accomplished i.e., raising his children, spending time with his grandchildren and now great-grandchildren, but most importantly, he will state that his major accomplishment is giving back to the people and the community he calls home, Coolidge. He has helped numerous people see the value of building and owning their own home. A testament to his belief was when Romeo built his sister-in-law’s house. He told her to use her income tax refund to pay for the house and after five (5) years she owned a home free and clear and, no, Romeo did not charge her for building it. He didn’t charge her because she is his sister-in-law, but because he could help and when you are helping people there shouldn’t be a fee. The number of people that he has helped, be it cutting the yard, chopping weeds, fixing plumbing, replacing a roof, adding on a room, installing sprinkler system, painting, putting up a cooler or air conditioning, re-wiring a home, building a fence or building a new home from scratch (which he has built 4) the task is never too small or large for Romeo. When you ask him why he does it, he giggles and says, “I’m doing what I like to do, this is my hobby and they’re paying for it”. Romeo can walk down Douglas Street and know that several of the homes he has built and most of them, he has performed some type of repair on them. One would say that Douglas Street should be renamed to Romeo Row to honor the man that has given so much to the people that live on that street and to the people of Coolidge.

One may say a lot of things when it comes to Romeo, but I’m certain that no one will argue negatively that Romeo is what’s good about Coolidge. When you see or speak to him you can see the hands of a man that are strong, caring and dedicated to serve anyone that needs help. I truly believe that when the Lord calls him home, Romeo will arrive in heaven with a hammer in his hand and a story to tell.

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